About Us

USA Land Ventures and DB Land Investments are corporations that wholesale Real Estate. Our mission is “helping you to invest in your future”. We obtain our properties by purchasing homes and land in bulk, for discounted prices, from individual owners, developers, and banks. Doing so allows us to offer our properties at affordable prices, and provide our investors with outstanding value. We offer endless opportunities and top quality service, so you will find real estate investment rewarding and gratifying. Whether you are looking to purchase a home or land for investment purposes or to build your future home, our team’s wholehearted vision, impeccable planning capabilities, and full dedication coupled with our knowledgeable and experiences staff guarantees you the comfort of a smooth transaction and a pleasurable experience.

How do we choose our Land properties?

For our properties to be considered for distribution, it must be build-able for residential or commercial development. This means:

  • Land must be located in or next to major real estate markets.
  • Infrastructure must be in place – or in planning.
  • Open road access with road frontage.

Once such land has been identified, USA Land Ventures begin negotiations to obtain the property. Cost savings from purchasing in bulk is passed onto the investor. Let USA Land Ventures “help you to invest in your future”.

We choose the properties that we sell based on:
  •  Schools
  •  Employment opportunities
  •  Education rate
  •  Population growth
  •  Transportation
  •  Real Estate Taxes
  •  Crime rate
  •  Average amount of rents
  •  etc…..